Help! Laundry room on Fire!

26 October 2017
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New Unimac Washer

Dangerous dryer

one of the old washer extractors for hospital laundry

The hospital has very old equipment. Every new plan we have for updating clean new sheets, patient gowns, protective gowns, new towels all hinges on the hospital’s ability to launder and recirculate linens to the different departments. When we asked why we could not get more than one clean towel per week we were shown the 30-35 year old laundry room equipment and realized we had to address some of the infrastructure. The laundry personnel carry wet loads of wash to a spinning machine (ancient extractor) then subject themselves to the flaming dryer.

Thanks to OSSA a new 70 lb dryer and 60 LB washer by Unimac will assist our plan for some new linens. Both installed in October 2017!! They still keep these oldies in operation – they still need them for the volume they launder. Yikes! Can’t wait to get the patients some new sheets!