January-New Sinks and new Nursing Opportunities!

16 January 2018
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This new sink installed in January!!

Ingrid Lopez Operating Room Nursing Director

2018! OSSA will lead a focus on the community!

Replaced sink- ADIOS!






How can we improve the community’s perception of the local hospital? The cleanliness, the quality of care, the time taken with a patient. This is an ongoing challenge OSSA and hospital departments will address over the next few years. OSSA brought 75 new fleece baby blankets for the hospital, 6 dozen new isolation gowns for the staff, 50 baby blankets for new moms.

This week we continued our focus on sterile processing for the operating room. We held a dinner/in-service for operating room nurses and the nursing administration where we presented videos of sterile processing departments in the US and Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) operating room cleaning protocol power-points. We introduced new types of instrument cleaning brushes, and the operating room nurses enthusiastically followed up with a volunteer Saturday where they color coded all their instrument sets! This month our hospital mechanical engineer, Erik Garcia and his department, facilitated the installation of the first new sink update in the operating room. The new on demand water heater will provide available hot water in the instrument cleaning room for the first time.

We have invited operating room nurses to visit our hospital and sterile processing departments in the coming months and created a lesson plan using the Central Service Technical Manual- Spanish version. Motivated operating room nurses that demonstrate willingness to take on this challenge will be sponsored to attend the 1st international conference in Mexico City this November !       Get to it!!

https://wfhss.com/world-congress-2018-mexico-city-mexico/CRCST Spanish 225.300