San Marcos needs a Pathology Department

22 January 2018
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From grocery bag to favorite Handbag

30 years of textile experience -Olga gives a traditional Indigo presentation

Al Fresco Dinner with pathologists

Spectacular setting, great food, new friends

Guatemalan Pathology Association

Many presentations by leading world pathologists, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Guatemala, many others…

San Carlos Public University Pathology Residents

We met Olga Reiche at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market in July 2017 when we stopped by her booth- she noticed I was carrying a handbag she had made out of recycled plastic grocery bags- a bag I love!!¬† Her shop in Guatemala, INDIGO, makes beautiful bags and clothing from recycled materials and happens to be across the street from the Hotel Panza Verde we enjoy staying in when we are in Antigua. A few further visits and we are now friends.¬† Olga’s website;

While visiting in January Olga asked if we would like to join her at a neighbor’s dinner party where she was making a presentation about indigo dyes the following evening. Our host Dr Roman Carlos is a successful pathologist in Guatemala City and we were joined by a large group of pathologists from MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. We attended their international conference and also met the University San Carlos residency program directors and their residents, of the only pathology residency program in Guatemala! How’s that for a hook up- Thank You Olga!

Currently San Marcos hospital has no pathology department. Less than 40% of women in Guatemala get a pap test. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among women in Guatemala. Our San Marcos region has the 3rd highest rate of cervical cancer in Guatemala and no place to get screened for this treatable cancer. We hope to work on that in the future and have agreed to develop a study team to address this need. Another new friend Dr Fabiola Valvert, Head of the Department of Hematology & lymphoma oncologist at the cancer center INCAN, in Guatemala City has provided a preliminary study I will attach it when I figure out how!

Thanks Olga!!!!!!