Educational Opportunities Sponsored by OSSA

11 November 2018
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OSSA has sponsored San Marcos Public Hospital medical providers to attend valuable international learning courses over the last 15 months. 

October 2017: Drs. Rodrigo Ramazzini, Pablo Meono, and Barry Messinger attended an Arthroscopy Association of North America hands-on conference on Knee Ligament Surgery which was like a mini-fellowship. The doctors returned to give informative lectures on ligament surgery and patellofemoral techniques, followed by repairing the ACL-PLC knee ligaments of a 40 year old male patient who also had injured a nerve near the injured ligaments. The patient has regained confidence in his repaired knee thanks to knowledge gained at the course and using implants donated by OSSA and Smith and Nephew.

May 2018: 10 San Marcos Public Hospital Orthopedic residents and alumni attended the AOTrauma Advanced Fracture Management Course in Guatemala City, with financial support from OSSA. The training was intense but the doctors gained much experience for treating complicated fractures to help the people of San Marcos, improving the incidence of good results.

October-November 2018: OSSA sponsored 3 Nurses from San Marcos-Ms Doresly Godinez-Head of Nursing, Ms Glendy Vasquez- Head of Epidemiology, and Ms Frisdi Gomez-OR nurse, and Dr Griselda Sam to attend the International Sterilization Conference in Mexico City. They learned many global procedures, protocols, and useful information to utilize and instruct nurses and doctors and to improve the level of sterility and cleanliness through out the hospital. Also Ms Vasquez’s educational poster was displayed to attendees of the Conference.