San Marcos Hospital facelift; ICU, 2 ORs sponsored by OSSA & Manchester Family Practice Residents

17 December 2018
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Recinco, an industrial painting Company from Guatemala City, renovated the cratered floor of one of the ICU rooms at the San Marcos Public Hospital. Earlier this year, Recinco renovated 2 operating rooms, the sterile instrument room, and 2 instrument cleaning rooms. These significant improvements have inspired the patients, nurses, doctors, and cleaning staff; now they can work in state of the art facilities to care for the patients of San Marcos. As Dr Juan Luis Gutierrez, chief of the ICU stated:”Thanks to you, my people will have a decent place to fight for their life!”

OSSA sponsored these renovations and with the help of generous donations collected by Manchester Family Practice residents purchased 2 new EKG machines, 2 new vital sign monitors, and 4 monitor wall mounts for the ICU.