• First Arthroscopy performed at San Marcos National Hospital

    25 October 2013

    Using equipment donated by OSSA, Dr. Messinger and the Orthopedic surgery residents at San Marcos National Hospital successfully completed the hospital’s first Arthroscopy.

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  • Donations used to purchase Arthroscopy Tower

    1 August 2013

    Because of our amazing donors, we have been able to purchase an Arthroscopy Tower for the San Marcos National Hospital. This system will allow more advanced surgical procedures here at the hospital. OSSA will also…

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  • OSSA Co-Founder Barry Messinger speaks at International Conference

    31 July 2013

    OSSA Co-founder Barry Messinger gave 2 talks at an International Conference in San Marcos. He discussed Compartment Syndrome, hip & thigh, and easy-to-miss sports hip injuries. The talks went into great detail and elaborate discussion.

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